Rhythm player wanted

We're looking for a splash of grenadine for our tequila

We're looking for a rhythm player, based in the lower north island (rehearsals in Wellington).

There are three of us, but most of our arrangements have at least two guitars, bass, fiddle and viola and sometimes piano and drums.  Emily can only play two instruments at once, and Rob and Bob can only just barely play one.  This means that it takes around 15 hours to fully play one of our songs, including tuning, overdubs and mixing.  This has been fine so far, but we're finding it's not ideal for live work. 

So can you play rhythm?  Are you any good?  We may not be, but we're proud that we're at least in time.  You have to be used to slotting into a rhythm section with a thumping great bass player and a drummer.  If you can also take lead breaks, that's all good too.  We got that covered, but hey, more is better.  That sounds like one of those nice problems. 

Or are you a drummer?  We can talk about that too.  Small jazz or roots kit, maybe just a snare and kick, or a percussion mix, good on brushes - if you have that going on, and you're not immediately put off by our noise, get in touch. 

Ideally, we want someone who can do at least one other thing, too.  You might play another instrument as well, or you might be a great singer.  Are you a tasty drummer who also plays accordion or piano?  You're a great rhythm guitar player but also play trumpet?  Nice. 

If you're a songwriter too, even better, we're always looking for great songs.  Bring 'em along. 

We've all been around a while, but Project Feijoa is new, so you'd be getting in on the ground.   No pecking orders or any nonsense.  So, if you've got great rhythm, on strings or brushes, whatever, and you're prepared to play Spanish American Kiwi folk rock n'roll, we want to hear from you. 

You may be any age, shape, size, gender, colour or hue, and play pretty much any instrument(s), but there are some criteria you must meet:

  • You must speak at least some English; or be fluent in French or Dutch and be, by nature, extremely patient
  • You must have your own instrument(s)
  • These must be fully strung / have all their keys on them, and you must be able to tune them
  • You must already be able to play the instrument(s); we got enough problems
  • You cannot be called Emily
  • Your name must not be Rob, Bob, Rab, Bert or any variation of Robert


Contact: info@projectfeijoa.band